The Headache of Science Fair Paperwork

Science Fair Project Paperwork

So your kid is doing a science fair project, and they will need to fill out the required ISEF paperwork and forms. You think, not a problem, how hard could the forms be. Oh look, I can get the forms and instructions online. Easy.

Wrong! You go to the Society for Science website and view the paperwork, and you’re instantly lost, overwhelmed, and hating science fair. The instructions are a 49 page document; with nearly 2 dozen forms to be filled out. When I saw this I nearly lost it, how can this be, is this a joke? Is all I could think.

Once I composed myself and took a deeper look, I was a bit exited there was a wizard to help Identify which forms are required, but that’s where the relief ended. It was poorly organized, and unless you were familiar with the process it was going to be a lot of work.

On top of all of the forms and paperwork required for the science fair, you need to get approvals, signatures, and don’t forget it’s like an endless scavenger hunt because the forms and approvals are not in order.

There’s a Better Way

Free to use, online, easy to fill out, easy to get approvals, step by step. ISEF.App was designed to help student, parents, and teachers. Let’s be real the project based and hands on learning that a science fair or stem contest encourages is the best. So before the red tape, paperwork, and bureaucracy sour you against these wonderful programs, let ISEF.App help.

ISEF.App is an online digital workbook that walks students through their science fair and stem paperwork. It’s free to use, easy, and allows students to focus on their research and project. Maxime what you and your students get out of your Science Fair or STEM contest.